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Your Next Favorite Author may be–

Sanna Hines

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Myth meets modern world. Action, adventure and characters to cheer. #YNFA

About the Author

Sanna Hines is fascinated with the question, “What IF?” What if I were in danger? Would I face it with bravery and resourcefulness—or give in to fear? What if I could live forever, but my loved ones could not? What lies waiting to be discovered behind the veil of ordinary existence?

Journalism, art history and business studies led Sanna to a career in marketing communications. In 2004, she turned to fiction. Her first two books, Stealth Moves and Shining Ones: Legacy of the Sidhe, were published in 2015.

She holds a master’s degree in art history and two black belts in Tae Kwon Do. Sanna and her family live near Chicago.

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Shining Ones: Legacy of the Sidhe

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