Getting to Know You

I’ve always enjoyed the humor in scenes with strangers who pretend to be married. In this excerpt from SHINING ONES, Sam, an ordinary man, and Tessa, Danann shapeshifter, pose as a couple for the benefit of their powerful and potentially dangerous host.



Desmond assigned the bridal suite to Tessa and Sam. They looked at each other, neither willing to confess to lying about their bogus marital status. After Desmond left, Sam broke the silence. “So, which side of the bed do you want?”

“We’re not going to sleep together?” Tessa protested.

“Sorry.” Sam went to the bed’s left side, sprawled and moaned, “Oh God, it feels good to stretch out. I’ve been up hill and dale, and dodged a UFO that killed two people.” Sam shut his eyes and held them closed for a moment. “Next, I was sucked through a rock, took another hike, and played farrier to an 1800-pound horse who kept leaning on me to hold her up. I’m beat. Have to disappoint you.”

“What? I didn’t mean—” Tessa closed her mouth and shook her head. He’d gotten her, fair and square.

Her turn.

“You know, you should be afraid, very afraid,” she warned. “Can’t tell what I might turn into if I have a nightmare.”


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