St Winefride’s Well, Holywell

Marvelous article! St. Winefride’s Well figures large in Shining Ones: Legacy of the Sidhe.

Well Hopper

It would not be possible to keep a blog on the holy wells of North Wales without reference to St Winefride’s Well at Holywell; however it would be difficult to say anything new about this site  without extensive original research. St Winefride’s is a fully described in numerous guidebooks and has been the subject of extensive more scholarly research. IIt shrine of national if not international importance, the only shrine in Britain to have survived the Reformation; and has, since late Victorian times provided the town with the epithet of “The Lourdes of Wales”.

Unlike the other wells I have described, this is very much an “exit through the gift shop” attraction. Strongly promoted on the tourist trail, it is the only well to charge an entrance fee, albeit a modest 80p, and to be a fully fledged “visitor attraction”. Saying this, however, it remains at the same time a place of pilgrimage, holds regular services…

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